How to Apply

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The student fills out the application for admission to the school according to the instructions for enrollment and admission. After attaching and approving the documents required for registration, a file and an electronic account are opened for the student, then, he informatics department sends the username and password of each student to access the educational platform.



Complete Application Form

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Confirmation of Application

After receiving the application data, the school’s Secretariat Department verifies the admission.



Application Review

The customer service team sends an enrollment application to the student, guaranteeing their acceptance and physical registration in the school. This application is typically sent to the applicant through one of the contact methods provided during the initial stage.


Confirming acceptance and paying the registration fees.

After receiving the signed and stamped enrollment document from the relevant authorities, along with the acceptance confirmation, the registration fees are paid.


Student's online account

The technical team sends the details of the student’s electronic account and instructions on how to access the platforms to each registered student.


Here are the required documents for student registration:

  1. A personal photo of the student.
  2. Proof of identity (a copy of the passport, family statement, or birth certificate).
  3. The most recent academic certificate or transcript (if available).
  4. If the student is in high school and possesses a 9th-grade certificate issued in Syria or an equivalent, provisional acceptance may be granted until all required documents for registration or the equivalence of the basic education certificate is completed later.


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